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People who hate Christmas

Christmas is an ancient holiday that celebrates the end of darkness and the return of Light. It’s a celebration that makes ALMOST everyone happy, not everyone. For some, it’s a difficult and very painful time. The darkest time of the year! People who hate Christmas may be reminiscent of the Grinch or Dickens’ old Scrooge, but they are never monsters; they are often BROKEN HEARTS.

Love is the most powerful “drug” in our universe.

Love is a medicine, in the literal sense of the word: for the body and for the soul, it is both a cure, remedy, and magic capable of repairing the wounds of the heart, and a poison that can make us suffer to the point of illness.
When there is love in our lives, our bodies produce substances such as oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins that make us stronger, happier, and much healthier. Conversely, when love is lacking, precisely because it is a “drug,” it can become a drug that intoxicates our organism. Even a poison that prevents us from healing, or makes us sick.

Fantastic patients and wonderful creatures: EFT clients

Discover the world of mythical creatures in Jorge Luis Borges’ “Manual of Fantastic Zoology.” As a therapist, learn to create a safe and accepting space for clients, trusting their emotions to help them grow. Explore how in this insightful article.