“Underneath all the anguish, the partners are asking each other: can I count on you? Are you there for me? Will you answer me when I need you and when I call you? Do you care? Am I valued and accepted by you? Do you need me? Put your trust in me. ” Dr. Sue Johnson.

It is not unusual for couples, families, and individuals to come to therapy with problems that seem too big to solve. We question our relationships or worry that what we had is gone forever. We want things to change but are not sure how to change them. We wonder if we will ever get over hurt feelings and painful events.

Emotionally focused therapy is a positive, caring and supportive way to get out of the “stuck places” we all find ourselves in. We are a group of highly skilled therapists dedicated to healing relationships through emotion-focused therapy, and our goal is to help couples and families overcome arguments, moments of crisis, and surrender to closeness and safety. We work to restore the bonds you have formed and secure the connection you desire. An EFT therapist does more than provide superficial answers to problems. One of the strengths of EFT is the map of how couples change over the years and how to regain emotional connection: and thanks to years of research [link to research page] our therapists today know how to guide couples on their journey.

In Italy we are present as a reference in two locations, but a network of qualified therapists operates nationwide and you can find them here

EFT Centre for Northern Italy

Director: Giulia Altera
Trainer, Supervisor, and Certified Therapist in ICEEFT

EFT Centre Rome

Director:  Dott. Andrea Pagani
Trainer, Supervisor, and Certified Therapist in EFT through ICEEFT