A workshop with George Faller entitled “Keep the Focus in Emotionally Focused Therapy” was held on Saturday, June 10, 2023.

Who is George Faller?

George Faller is a Certified Trainer/Supervisor/Therapist in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy. He founded the EFT Center in New York, where he serves as president. He is a husband, father, therapist, educator, speaker, author and global leader in helping people reconnect and strengthen their relationships. George is also the director of education at the Greenwich Center for Hope & Renewal in Connecticut and serves on the board of the Porter Cason Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans. He is a supervisor of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy; he teaches at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in Manhattan.
He practices in Connecticut and New York as a marriage and family therapist.

Moreover, he leads, with Laurie Watson a wonderful podcast on sexuality and EFT: Foreplay Radio

In this picture with Dr. Giulia Altera and Dr. Andrea Pagani

The Workshop

This was a highly anticipated event for the EFT community. In this regard, to facilitate its enjoyment by as many therapists as possible, it was possible to participate both in presence in Rome and online.

In Rome, the chosen location was the Sala del Primaticcio at the Palazzo Firenze, a building so impressive that Gorge called it “the most beautiful one I have ever taught in.”

George narrated (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian) anecdotes from his private life as a son, father, and husband. He revealed how he had been raised in avoidant and emotionally invalidating ways: his father used to tell him when he cried that if he did not stop he would give him a “good reason” to do so. A mode that seemed to work until he found himself in the role of firefighter facing the Twin Towers massacre and on which he had to work himself regarding his relational dynamics as a husband and father. With these crops he showed from the very first minutes a very human, empathetic and welcoming manner just in the style of Eft.

The topics covered: maintaining focus, emotional attunement, energy dosage and choices needed to guide even the most escalated couples

The main topic of the workshop was about the choice of focus in therapy therefore how therapists can come to recognize and train attunement to their own and their patients’ emotions and to dose energies as needed in order not to run out quickly and to be able to work more effectively.
His extensive experience in working with violent couples also provided a better understanding of how to take the lead and how to direct one’s decisions with highly escalated couples.
Understanding of the theoretical arguments was, as always, facilitated by receiving the slides a few days before the event.
There was also no shortage, as in any EFT training, of convivial moments and experiential Role Plays in which the therapists were able to practice firsthand in an atmosphere that was both welcoming and nonjudgmental.

Feedback from colleagues has all been very positive, and many have requested further study of the topic with George!!!

We hope to please them soon!!!

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the November training: “The Wisdom of Emotions,” which will be taught by Giulia Altera and Jef Slootmaekers!

Until the next Eft experience!!!