From Iceeft Newsletter – Winter 2022

This year, I combined vacation and work travelling to Brazil and I wanted to share what is going on in this country that I love so much.

I feel privileged to have been able to do a few days of introductory workshops on EFT in preparation for some Externships that will be held, finally in-person again, in the coming months. These workshops happened within some charitable projects organized by a rising EFT community and a group of colleagues from a northeastern state, Bahia, who have been cooperating to help with the development and emergence of this neighboring community.

Interest in the model is growing, and together with three different groups (Sul Brasil in the south, close to affiliation with ICEEFT, and two in the northeast), we are working synergistically to plant the seeds of EFT that will gently grow, in a healthy, strong way, connecting with one another. This is my hope and my focus.

Thanks to the pandemic and the online work, I also had the opportunity to meet a young colleague from the North, a very poor area with very little access to up-to-date training. During this trip, I was able to meet her in person and start a project with her that we hope will grow during the next year: to try an EFT approach in these very difficult areas. We talked about how this model and its development intersect with the history and culture of the country, and with the socioeconomic and other difficulties they are facing. We started trying to create a space that is accessible and inclusive for all. and in the coming months we have planned a series of free webinars a view to a free presential event in March 2023 to seed the possibility of an Externship in the near future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The has really been a lot of work dedicated to community connection, exchanges, mutual generosity and growth. After years of the pandemic, being able to be there again in person and share hugs, dreams, hopes, dances, and smiles, has been wonderful and very satisfying. I am proud of these therapists who are dedicating themselves to this with love and altruism.

Brazil is definitely a fragmented country full of contradictions in many of its aspects.
It is difficult and to love it; you really have to look behind the surface reactions that come from fear, misery, absence, and deprivation. I am so passionate about highlighting the EFT core message of attachment, connection, openness to others, generosity and altruism. It is priceless to see these colleagues smiling at each other and helping each other in helping this population who like everyone, need love, family, serenity, and union.

The return from vacation took me one more time to Brazil for the presential return of the courses, which occurred this October with a beautiful Hybrid Externship held in Porto Alegre with the EFT Sul – Sudeste Brasil Community. Finally what we are observing is that EFT is beginning to grow not just by word of mouth among colleagues but through specific research done by therapists in the country. And now we are ready to continue with core skills and another Externship in the Northeast in March 2023.

In this world that seems more complicated every day, this gives me great hope, and hopefully I have been able to pass it on to you, at least a little bit.